DIY Farmhouse Dining Room Makeover.

When we moved, I knew that that our old dining room set wouldn’t fit into the style of our new home, because it was a little outdated, BUT I also didn’t want to purchase a brand new one either. We weren’t sure what style we were going for since we have plans to add a dry bar in the future.

This was our dining room table before the makeover.

So, what did I do? I turned to Pinterest, of course.

My “Pinspiration.”

I fell in love with the table above, but knew I wasn’t going to spend that amount… especially when I had no idea how long we would be keeping this table! So, I used this as my inspiration and headed to Home Depot to purchase these four items:

All of these items cost me about $60 with the coupon I had. I decided to invest in a higher quality chalk brush because I wanted something that would last me long term so I can makeover multiple pieces of furniture. After the dining room set was in our garage aka my “she-shed,” I began cleaning and scrubbing the chairs and table focusing on removing all of the dirt and dust so that the paint could be applied evenly.

I removed the seats from the chairs and poured half a cup of paint into my Handy Paint Pail and also added a teaspoon of water to prevent it from thickening. What I love about chalk paint is that you don’t have to sand prior to painting — it saves SO much time! Also, you really can’t go wrong with the technique on how you paint, especially with the first coat. When the first coat of the chairs was completed, I then started to paint the base of the table after Jake helped me remove the top of the table. Once I completed the base of the table, I started on my second coat on the chairs and continued the same for the base. Then, all pieces were left overnight to dry.

Before and After.

The next morning, I applied multiple coats of the water based polyurethane because this was and is such a high traffic piece of furniture for us. (We eat at the table every day almost twice a day.) Once the coats were completely dry on both the painted pieces and the wood pieces, we then put everything back together. We were quite shocked by the finished look and more excited that we saved some money making over a piece of furniture we already had!

We LOVE the final look – what about you?! We feel that it brightens up the space and we ended up purchasing this rug from Overstock to complete the look!

Have you used chalk paint before? What projects have you completed and do you have any tips to share?! Please leave your comments below!

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