DIY Pallet Wood Frames.

We have a ton of pallets in our garage that Jake broke down that are laying around. We want to reuse them in several ways, such as: dog house, walkway to our fire pit and a wooden dog bed, but we aren’t quite ready to tackle those bigger projects just yet. (We have about 7 half way done projects right now that we need to finish.) So, we decided to create some wood frames out of the pallets. Read below to learn how Jake built the frame and how I decorated it!

We first measured the pallet piece and cut it in half.

Once the pallet piece was cut in half, Jake then measured and labeled where to cut. I don’t recall the measurements we used on this exact frame, but if you can create any size frame you’d like.

After each piece was cut, Jake then sanded all sides of all pieces.

After all pieces were sanded, we glued each piece together using Gorilla Wood Glue. This stuff is seriously strong and we use it for almost every project!

Jake then used these clamps to secure the pieces in place until completely dry.

And here is the finished product! 🙂 This project did not take long at all and I love that we were able to re-purpose something free and turn it into something for decoration.

We will be creating signs and selling them on our Etsy shop soon!

I turned to my Cricut to create something festive and quick for Halloween. Stay tuned for my finished product and to see the other frames we created!

What are some projects you’ve created using pallets? Please share them below!

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