DIY Glow In Dark Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations

I’m obsessed with anything skulls. Always have and always will! So when I saw some skull stakes at Dollar Tree, I had to purchase them! The packaging stated that they were glow in the dark, but when we tried them out later that night, we didn’t see much glow at all. And this was even after we put them in direct light.

Instead of having a dull glow, I thought we could brighten these up ourselves! Opened up the paint cabinet to find some primer and glow in the dark spray paint that I had leftover from another project. & began the impromptu DIY project.

First step is to prime the skull stakes with one to two coats. I sprayed two coats of this Krylon Primer found here. Be sure to let dry completely in-between coats. Next, I sprayed two coats of the Rustoleum Glow in the dark spray paint found here and let dry completely.

Charge in direct sunlight for maximum exposure and decorate! I love how these add a neat effect to our Halloween decorations — I almost want to keep them up all year long! LOL

Have you done any glow in the dark projects? If so, please share below!

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