Meet the Shemwell’s

Hello & welcome!

Jake and I met in Savannah four years ago when I was visiting for St Patrick’s Day. I never thought six weeks later I’d be moving in with him, but it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I guess you can say it was love at first sight, huh? Jake is a Paramedic while Alison works in sales. We rented a duplex in downtown Savannah, GA for a three years before purchasing a house in Pooler, GA. In our spare time we love to be outdoors, whether it’s working on the yard, spending the day at the beach, day drinking around Savannah (LOL) or going on a hike — we love to be active. We are creating this blog as a way for us to keep up with and share our memories and projects as we renovate our new home and start this next chapter in our lives. Enough about us though, on to the more exciting part of our family — THE ANIMALS!

Our happy little Shemwell family.

We had a wonderful chocolate lab named Cody who was the sweetest and smartest dog we could have ever asked for. That is, when he wasn’t letting out a fart and wow, could he clear out the room! LOL We had a ton of amazing adventures sightseeing Savannah and the low country with Cody. Most people were terrified of him, which was odd, because he would have helped you rob our house if you broke in – that’s how nice he was! LOL

Cody’s favorite place and favorite thing to do.

We decided as Cody was getting older that adopting another dog would help keep him young. Well, it was a coincidence that the Humane Society of Greater Savannah was hosting their free adoption weekend, so we went to go take a look at the dogs that were available. Unfortunately AND fortunately, all of the dogs were already adopted by the time we got there, so somehow Jake convinced me to go look at the available cats. I have never been a fan of cats, so I wasn’t really interested in looking at any, but I still went. When we walked in, we stopped at the first kennel and there were two kittens inside. One kitten immediately came up to us and we played and laughed with this kitten. When we tried to pet the other kitten, the first one came running over and pushed him out of the way! We laughed hysterically – this kitten had so much personality already — he was so entertaining! We took him out of the kennel to hold him and he immediately cuddled in Jake’s arms – it was TOO CUTE! Then Jake handed him to me and he cuddled up in my arms too and I think at that moment is when I fell in love. We took him that day and he became Cody’s best friend within seconds. They had many adventures together whether it was going on walks around the neighborhood, road-tripping to Michigan or hanging out on the porch for hours meowing and barking at the people walking by.

Cody and Collin moments after leaving the Humane Society of Greater Savannah.

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye quickly to Cody in April of 2018 — he was 13.5 years old. Cody had several tumors on his liver that were rapidly growing and by the time we got to it, it was too late. Cody passing was extremely tough on us… Jake had just proposed and Cody was going to be in our wedding. We were looking forward to bringing him to Daufuskie Island with us because he missed out last time. It all happened too sudden, but I know that you are still here in spirit. We think about you and miss you dearly everyday, Cody. No house will ever truly be a home with you and your farts! RIP. ❤️ 🐾

Cody loved the beach, so the day before we had to put him down, we brought him one last time.

Collin became quite depressed after Cody’s passing, as we all were, but we weren’t ready to bring another animal home — it was too soon. A couple of months had passed and we returned from one of our vacations when our neighbors, Nick and Megan brought over a special needs kitten. They found her in an alley spinning in circles terrified so of course they had to rescue her! They initially asked us if we could babysit her while they were on vacation, but Jake told them that “we won’t babysit her… we’ll keep her.” And that’s how I went from hating cats to having TWO. LOL

Look how tiny she was!

We of course had to stick to our “C” names, so we named her Cori. She has become my shadow… I know she is always around wherever I am. She is extremely shy in the beginning, but once she feels comfortable around you, you won’t be able to get her away! We sometimes call her a slut with how much she will open up around you wanting you to pet her. LOL Collin took Cori under his wing right away and while at times, he was a little rough, it made her stronger because now she is kicking his ass! When they aren’t roughing it, they are being caring and loving with one another.

The day CJ came home.

We moved into our home December 8th, 2018 and CJ (short for Cody Jr.) was brought home 3 days later. The timing was absolutely perfect as Jake worked a 96 hour shift..the very next day… leaving me to unpack our house with an 8 week old puppy — what an experience to test my patience and productiveness! LOL CJ has been quite the puppy to train – whether it’s the horrific, long experience with potty training, the multiple times our garden had “disappeared” or the constant over-protectiveness, he’s turned out to finally be a great dog! He’s a mixed breed with black lab and rottweiler, so he’s extremely hyper and protective of us. He’s learning new tricks easily and listening better than ever too!

The day Coco came home.

We weren’t exactly expecting to adopt ANOTHER dog, but I was browsing around for outdoor sheds and stopped by a local business. While inside, I noticed the amount of cats, so we started talking about animals which then led her to bringing me into a room where she had 8 week old corgi and chocolate lab puppies — I about died. For those who know me know that I have been wanting a corgi for YEARS and when she said that they were mixed with chocolate lab, I felt like that was a way of Cody coming back into our lives. I mean, what are the odds of that mix?! Days later, I was bringing Coco home and you already know that I absolutely adore her too much. She can do no wrong. LOL CJ and Coco get along VERY well! He loved her from the moment she came home… he was now her protective big brother. They do everything together… they are never separate… even at the dog parks and beaches!

Just another day at the beach.

I think we are done adopting animals for now… although I did ask Jake recently if we could get some fish. We’ll see how long I can hold out for until fish magically appear in our home. LOL

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