St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah

Visiting Savannah for St. Patrick’s day? Below is a list of things to do and places you’ll want to check out. If this is your first time, you are definitely in for an eye opening experience!

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

With over 400,000 visitors in Savannah, the St. Patrick’s Day parade is ranked #3 largest in the US! There are several places you can sit and enjoy the parade, but you’ll want to arrive early in order to secure a decent spot. This year, the parade will be held on Tuesday, March 17th from 10:15am to 2pm.

For more information about the parade, click HERE.

St. Patrick’s Day Festival

This year, the festival will be held March 13th & 14th starting at 10am till midnight. If you plan on participating in the festivities and day drinking all over downtown, be sure to get a wristband. They are $10 each day and can be purchased at several booth throughout downtown, River Street and City Market. If you don’t, you could face a fine of more than $50.

There will also be live entertainment and activities as well as, artists, photo booths and a food court.

For more information, click HERE.

Greening of the fountain at Forsyth Park

It is tradition in Savannah to dye all of the fountains green, but they start with Forsyth first. Every year the city dyes the fountain green and hosts a ceremony. This year, the ceremony will take place on March 6th from 12 to 1pm at Forsyth park.

For more information, click HERE.

Irish Restaurants and Bars

Molly MacPheron’s Pub & Grill – check out their menu and drinks HERE.

McDonoughs of Savannah – check out their menu and drinks HERE.

O’Connells Irish Pub – for more information, click HERE.

Whether this is your first time or your fifth time celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah, you are sure to have an amazing experience that you will hopefully remember!

DIY Halloween Bat Decorations

Halloween is at a tie with Christmas when it comes to my favorite holidays for decorating. I like to get creative and crafty when it comes to decorating on a budget and this year I wanted to do something a little different…

I came across these bats on Amazon and thought it was such a neat idea and just what I needed for an extra wow factor on our Halloween decor! I used this as my inspiration as I looked around the house for supplies needed to do this myself and luckily, I had everything needed — (what a surprise!)


  • Glue Dots (found here)
  • Black Cardstock
  • Scissors or cutting machine
  • SVG file of bats (found here)
  • Printer


Download the free file from above and print on to your black card stock. Once printed, place card stock in your cutting machine (or you can use scissors) and cut all bat images. Place one glue dot in the middle of the bat and press onto wall. Lightly lift sides of bat to give it the 3D look.

Drop a comment below and tell me your thoughts on these DIY bats! Are you going to put them in your home?

DIY Ceiling Witch Hat

We couldn’t wait until October to decorate our first house for Halloween! We both were/are excited and spent the weekend shopping for indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations. One of the items we purchased were these witch hats that we found at the Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree Witch Hat.

I saw some ideas on Pinterest of people hanging them from the ceiling and I thought it was such a neat idea and had to try it out! & It looked extremely easy to do.

Items needed for project.


First, you’ll want to take your thread and measure how low you want the hats hanging from the ceiling. Next, you’ll apply the thread to the witch hats either using Glue Dots, Super Glue or Command Strips. I used glue dots and attached them to the string and them secured to the witch hat. Once all were completed, I applied them to the ceiling again using glue dots.

Hanging witch hats.

Depending on your ceilings (paint, dust, etc.), you may want to use a command strip and place the thread in between the two to hold. Most of our hats are holding up well, except one — it keeps falling, but I think it’s due to where it’s located and being pushed down by the air vent.

I wanted to place some in our living room, but we use the fan too much and they would fall.

What do you think?! Have you done something similar? Please share below!

Grow your own Pineapples!

Ever wonder how to grow your own pineapple at home? It’s super easy! Next time you go to the grocery store, be sure to pick up a pineapple and grow one at home for yourself!

How to grow pineapples at home

STEP ONE: Cut off the top of the pineapple.

STEP TWO: Place pineapple top in a cup of water, ensuring that roots are covered. Remember to change out the water every couple of days.

STEP THREE: Once the roots start to show, you’ll want to plant in soil. We chose to plant ours in a pot since winter will be here in a few months and we weren’t sure how cold it was going to get here in Savannah, GA.

We chose this self watering planter to help us with watering. If you want one similar, check out these: CLICK HERE.

Jake poured soil into the planter.
Dug a little hole for the pineapple to go in and covered around with soil.
Once the pineapple was in, we added extra soil on top.

After a few months, a hard stalk will appear in the center and you’ll want to keep this moist so the pineapple can develop properly. Once the pineapple is fully ripe, you may then pick it. Some plants vary and can sprout within a year, while others typically take two years.

I’ll update this post as our pineapple grows, so be sure to keep checking back! 🙂

Our helpers were nearby, as always.

What are some of the foods you have grown from leftover scraps? Please share below!

DIY Fabric Box on a budget.

I had some extra scraps from a chair I recovered that I really liked and wanted to reuse again, but wasn’t sure exactly what to do with it. I took a walk around the house to see if anything would come to mind when a light bulb came on in the garage. I saw some cardboard boxes waiting to be recycled and knew that I could easily cover them and use them for storage in our bedroom.


  • Cardboard box
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Fabric
  • Measuring tape or ruler


Lay fabric on flat surface with cardboard box on top.

Lay out a large piece of fabric on a flat surface and place the cardboard box on top. Next, measure and mark 1 inches on all sides of the box. Start cutting the fabric along the one inch mark towards the box. You will repeat this step 8 times.

Cut all four corners.

The remaining fabric will resemble a cross. Starting with one end of the box and fabric, apply hot glue and fold over until secured in place. Hold for a few seconds until the glue is dry. Repeat this step for all corners.

Fold the sides in to create a clean seam.

Once all 4 sides are complete, you’ll have a fabric covered box ready for use! I ended up putting a fake plant in ours to give our bedroom corner some color. What do you think?!

Have you done a project similar to mine? Please comment and share below!

Paint over everything.

Painting brings me such peace. I could paint all day, almost every day… as long as my arms aren’t hurting! LOL I love that such a small change can make such a huge impact when it comes to paint.

We recently had a leak in our attic due to the AC unit, but we noticed it immediately and contacted Byrd’s Heating and Air. They were quick to come out, extremely polite (loved that he put on shoe covers as he entered our home) and they are reasonably priced! Can’t beat that. Byrd’s was able to quickly fix our leak and provide some helpful and useful tips for the future to ensure we don’t come across this same problem again!

So, now that the problem is fixed, we must fix the damage (ourselves)! The leak came through a little into our loft ceiling, so of course we had to cover it up. What we thought would be a simple trip down to the garage to pick up the ceiling paint turned into two trips to Lowe’s. As always. LOL

We were kind of excited to find out that the ceiling paint did not match. Ours was white and the old ceiling color was this light yellow — we had never noticed a difference until now. We kept staring at the two colors thinking “Ew, how did we not notice this ugly ceiling before?! and “what would the house look like with all white ceilings?!” So, we both looked at each other and started smiling and then laughing.. we knew that we just added MUCH more work to our plate than anticipated, but it’s so worth it.

So, I started working on the trim while Jake rolled away.

Can you notice a difference from my office ceiling (closest) compared to the loft ceiling? It looks SO much brighter in the loft now with the white ceilings. We LOVE it! We decided that we are going to do one room at a time, starting with the smallest. LOL. Can’t wait to show you updates as we paint along.

Another paint project we tackled was our downstairs living room accent wall. It was SO dark and made the room feel small. I did not like it at all since we don’t that much light downstairs. So, of course I went to our paint pile to see if we had any left over paint from the previous owners and luckily, we did!

I painted the accent wall the same color as the other wall and it brightened up the space SO much — can you believe it?! Not only does the space looked bigger, but it also feels bigger.

Eventually, we plan to make one of those walls an accent wall, but we haven’t decided what kind of materials we want to use: paint, ship lap or wallpaper. What do you think we should do?!

Leave a comment below.

DIY Rope Handles.

I was at Hobby Lobby the other day when I came across the handles/pulls/knobs aisle. I was looking for some ideas on how to update our living room entertainment center for fairly cheap and fell in love with these.

They weren’t on sale this week either.

I started to pick up four of them when I thought to myself “I can make these at home.” I knew I had the rope and glue gun at home, so I returned the pulls and then headed to the next aisle, duh.

Supplies needed for this project: glue gun, screwdriver and rope.
Our entertainment stand before the update.

When I found the time later that day, I grabbed my glue gun and my ball of rope and started on “project pull.”

Close up. Plain and boring (and dirty).

I unscrewed the pulls and cleaned them off while the glue gun was warming up. Once everything was dry, I applied glue to the pull and pressed the rope down to hold it in place.

Once the glue was dry, I wrapped the rope around the pull ensuring that it’s tight, not loose.

Make sure it’s snug like the first two, not the third.
Before and after.

I repeated the steps for all four pulls before screwing back into the entertainment stand.

Next project will be to frost these windows with some sort of design to hide the clutter.

I feel like it really ties everything together and brightens up the space!

Have you done any quick, easy projects around your home using the supplies you already have? If so, what are they?! Comment them below!

DIY Farmhouse Dining Room Makeover.

When we moved, I knew that that our old dining room set wouldn’t fit into the style of our new home, because it was a little outdated, BUT I also didn’t want to purchase a brand new one either. We weren’t sure what style we were going for since we have plans to add a dry bar in the future.

This was our dining room table before the makeover.

So, what did I do? I turned to Pinterest, of course.

My “Pinspiration.”

I fell in love with the table above, but knew I wasn’t going to spend that amount… especially when I had no idea how long we would be keeping this table! So, I used this as my inspiration and headed to Home Depot to purchase these four items:

All of these items cost me about $60 with the coupon I had. I decided to invest in a higher quality chalk brush because I wanted something that would last me long term so I can makeover multiple pieces of furniture. After the dining room set was in our garage aka my “she-shed,” I began cleaning and scrubbing the chairs and table focusing on removing all of the dirt and dust so that the paint could be applied evenly.

I removed the seats from the chairs and poured half a cup of paint into my Handy Paint Pail and also added a teaspoon of water to prevent it from thickening. What I love about chalk paint is that you don’t have to sand prior to painting — it saves SO much time! Also, you really can’t go wrong with the technique on how you paint, especially with the first coat. When the first coat of the chairs was completed, I then started to paint the base of the table after Jake helped me remove the top of the table. Once I completed the base of the table, I started on my second coat on the chairs and continued the same for the base. Then, all pieces were left overnight to dry.

Before and After.

The next morning, I applied multiple coats of the water based polyurethane because this was and is such a high traffic piece of furniture for us. (We eat at the table every day almost twice a day.) Once the coats were completely dry on both the painted pieces and the wood pieces, we then put everything back together. We were quite shocked by the finished look and more excited that we saved some money making over a piece of furniture we already had!

We LOVE the final look – what about you?! We feel that it brightens up the space and we ended up purchasing this rug from Overstock to complete the look!

Have you used chalk paint before? What projects have you completed and do you have any tips to share?! Please leave your comments below!

Surprise me, Daufuskie!

Since it’s my first “throwback Thursday” I thought it would be fitting to share the one of the first trips we had together. It was my first birthday spent with Jake, so I was really hoping it was going to be a good one! As the date was approaching, Jake told me that he had a surprise for my birthday, but couldn’t tell me where we were going or many details because he didn’t want to spoil the surprise. I immediately got excited and nervous. Are you one of those people who feel like when you’re not in control, things aren’t OK?! I am! So, while I was excited and eager to find out what the surprise was, I was also miserable inside not knowing what to expect. “What do I bring? What kind of weather will it be? What kind of clothing do I bring? What if…etc.” Gotta love anxiety, right?! Jake of course did give me some hints as what to bring, but he didn’t want to give it away, so he kept it to a minimum.

On the day of my birthday, we packed the bags in the car and had a delicious breakfast at Collins Quarter. I then became confused and excited when we ended up at Bull River Marina. I really did not know what to expect, that was until the Captain of the boat spilled the surprise. Jake was a little disappointed, but I was super excited to find out that he was taking me to Daufuskie Island, SC! We have both been wanting to go for awhile, but knew it wasn’t easily accessible. For those who aren’t familiar with Daufuskie Island, it’s a small island accessible by boat between Savannah, GA and Hilton Head, SC. This isn’t your typical island, there are only a few roads, one or two places to purchase groceries and the popular method of transportation is golf cart. It’s such a beautiful,intriguing, mysterious island — I highly suggest you make a trip to visit. For more information about the island, click this link:

Once we arrived on the island, there was a van waiting for us to bring us to our golf cart so THEN we can head to our cute, little one bedroom cottage. It was just what we needed for the weekend since we knew most of our time would be spent outside. We quickly toured the property and hopped back into our golf cart to tour the island.

As we drove around Daufuskie, all we could keep saying is “Daufuskie is gorgeous” and how friendly everyone is. At the time, there were 3 restaurants on the island and it happened to be around lunch time, so we stopped at Old Daufuskie Crab Company. We had excellent service as our server kept providing us with (free) “wrong drink orders.” LOL So you can imagine how great of time we were off to as we were sipping on Scrap Iron on the river.

We adventured around the island, touring the few shops, museums and schools — there is so much history to this island! Did you know that Daufuskie means sharp feather in the Muscogee language because of it’s resemblance?

Our first night, we stayed in due to the nasty storm that occurred, but it was lovely to be in this cozy Daufuskie cottage watching movies and cuddling with Jake. I woke up to breakfast in bed the next morning and was surprised when Jake mentioned that we would be taking a stroll along the beach… on horses! Due to my excitement, I rushed through breakfast and we headed to the horses. Unfortunately, the company that we used is no longer operating on the island due to the hurricanes that came through, but we had such a wonderful experience as you can see. We rode through trails which lead us to the beaches — it was an experience that I will never forget!

We spent the rest of the day on the beach that we had to ourselves! Can you believe that? Not one single person on this beach… it was awesome!

We had dinner at a restaurant that is also no longer operating on the island due to the hurricanes, but it was delicious! After dinner, we headed back to Old Daufuskie Crab Company to enjoy a night of scrap iron and music on the river as we enjoyed this atmosphere better.

The next morning, before we had to head back to Savannah, we took a tour of the Daufuskie Rum Company and had a “few” samples of their rum. We learned about their history, how they make their rum and why their rum is different from most! It was a great experience, the owner was wonderful and we left with a good buzz. LOL

Once we returned our golf cart, we were taken to our ferry which was waiting for us at the dock and brought us back to Savannah. On our ride back, I remember seeing so many dolphins – we couldn’t believe it! It was a great way to end to one of the best trips I’ve ever had. We made so many wonderful memories that weekend that we decided to get married a couple of years later on Daufuskie! That’ll be a blog for another day. LOL If you ever have the opportunity to visit Daufuskie, I highly recommend it — it’s such a fascinating island that is away from the hustle and bustle.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that we had horrible cell service the entire weekend which made us connect even more. I guess that’s why we love Daufuskie so much, because we escape everything and focus on just us.

Turning something old into something ours.

When we first moved into our house, the previous owners left some furniture behind — which was totally fine by me! I knew that I could and would re-purpose anything and everything. One of the items that the left was an espresso entryway shelf. I loved the shelf, but HATED the color. It made the space feel so dark and small. I wish I would’ve taken a before picture, but I guess this is one of those things that you learn along the blogging way, right?!

Here is what was hanging in the entryway.

We knew that we had to do something with this area, but we didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Jake gave me a budget of $100, so off to Pinterest I went to look for ideas. And of course, I fell in love with something far too expensive…. as usual.

Cute, right?!

I knew that Jake would immediately say no if I even asked, so I didn’t bother! LOL This wasn’t something we NEEDED — it was something we wanted, therefore we didn’t want to splurge and I agreed with that. So, we made a trip to Walmart and Home Depot to purchase these items:

  • Closet Maid 3 cube bench (at the time was $39.99)
  • Ship-lap ($32.97)
  • Sherwin Williams Showcase paint in ultra white (previously had)
  • Two 44in x 5in boards ($5)
  • Caulk (previously had)
Before the ship-lap and sides. (excuse the bent bins — dogs found out that their toys are hidden in there and helped themselves! LOL

Once we purchased the materials, we removed the baseboards to give it the appearance of being built in. Once those were gone, we secured the bench to the wall. Next, we applied the ship-lap which was SO easy. We’ve never used this kind before and will definitely be using again! We then added the 2 boards and attached those to the sides. Once everything was secured, we then caulked and painted using Sherwin Williams Showcase paint in Ultra White.

Here is the finished look! What do you think?! Best part is that I stayed UNDER budget by $20! Jake was excited and surprised. LOL

Removed the dog toys and NOW the cats hide in there! I need to buy some hard bins. LOL

What are some of your favorite projects that you’ve done around the house?! Comment them below!